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Meet your new MIP™ robot companion! Equipped with cutting-edge GestureSense™ technology, this robot responds to hand gestures, so you can tell it where to go. Or change the mode and let the robot roam free. Download the free app and turn your smart device into a remote control to program your robot to dance, race, play games, balance things on a tray and customize up to fifty commands for your robot to perform, and more! Imported. Age 8+.


System requirements: Apple: iPhone® 4s or later, iPad® 3, iPad Air™ or later, iPad Mini™ Retina or later, iPad Touch® 5th Generation, iOS 7 or later. Supports all iOS game controllers. Android: Android™ 4.3 or later, Devices supporting Bluetooth® low energy (BLE). For a complete compatibility list please visit: www.meetmip.com/devices.

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