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Cadette Starter Kit

Step 1: Enter the number of kits you'd like to build (required)

The pre-pack includes these essentials in every Starter Kit:

Cadette Essentials Pack To Build Your Kit

Step 2: Select a Uniform Item (required)

Choose a Vest or Sash for each pre-pack:

Official Cadette, Senior And Ambassador Sash

SizePrice Qty

Official Cadette, Senior, And Ambassador Khaki Vest

SizePrice Qty
Vest Size Small$26.00
Vest Size Medium$26.00
Vest Size Large$26.00
Vest Size XL$26.00
Vest Size 1X$26.00
Vest Size 2X$26.00
Vest Size 3X$26.00
Step 3: Select a Journey Book (required)

Select one Journey Book for each pre-pack:

Cadette Amaze! The Twists And Turns Of Getting Along Journey Handbook


¡Qué Lío! Las Mil Y Una Vueltas De La Amistad


Cadette "Breathe" Journey Book


Inspirar (For Cadettes)


Cadette Media Journey Book

Step 4: Select one Council ID Set (required)

Select one Council ID Set for each uniform item:

Made In The USA - Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador Girl Scout Council Identification Set


Select Council Name

Enter Quantity:

Step 5: Select Troop Numbers (recommended)

Select your iron-on numbers per digit to create your full troop number. Polyester twill and thread.

Made In The USA - Junior, Cadette, Senior & Ambassador Girl Scouts Troop Numeral

Troop NumeralPrice Qty
Step 6: Skill-Building Badge Activity Sets (recommended)

Select one set for each pre-pack. Sets correspond to the Journey Books you chose above. Badges sold separately.

Cadette It's Your World Badge Activity Set


Cadette It's Your Planet Badge Activity Set


Cadette It's Your Story Badge Activity Set

Step 7: Choose Your Free Bag! (required)

Select one bag for each pre-pack.

2017 Starter Kit Bag - Pink


2017 Starter Kit Bag - Black