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Daisy Starter Kit

Step 1: Enter the number of kits you'd like to build (required)

The pre-pack includes these essentials in every Starter Kit:

Daisy Essentials Pack To Build Your Starter Kit

Step 2: Select a Uniform Item (required)

Choose a Vest or Tunic for each pre-pack:

Official Daisy Vest

SizePrice Qty
Vest Size XXS/XS$18.50
Vest Size S/M$18.50
Vest Size Plus Medium$18.50

Official Daisy Tunic

SizePrice Qty
Tunic Size 6/7$16.50
Tunic Size 8/10$16.50
Step 3: Select a Journey Book (required)

Select one Journey Book for each pre-pack:

Daisy Flower Garden Journey Book


El Jardin Florido De Daisy


Daisy Between Earth And Sky Journey Book


Entre La Tierra Y El Cielo (For Daisies)


Daisy 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers For Animals! Journey Book

Step 4: Select one Council ID Set (required)

Select one Council ID Set for each uniform item:

Made In The USA - Girl Scout Daisy Council Identification Set


Select Council Name

Enter Quantity:

Step 5: Select Troop Numbers (recommended)

Select your iron-on numbers per digit to create your full troop number. Polyester twill and thread.

Made In The USA - Girl Scout Daisy Iron-On Troop Numeral

Troop NumeralPrice Qty
Step 6: Choose Your Free Bag! (required)

Select one bag for each pre-pack.

2018 Pink Starter Kit Bag


2018 Black Starter Kit Bag